Jenkins API interface

Latest on Hackage:0.8.4

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BSD2 licensed by Matvey Aksenov


Hackage Build Status



  • Supported http-client >= 0.5


  • Switched to Control.Monad.Except

  • Dropped support for GHC < 7.10


  • Stopped using the deprecated stuff in http-client{,-tls}


  • Supported GHC 7.10


  • Dropped lifted-base and lifted-async dependencies

  • Simplified the Jenkins master node configuration record

  • Added stream to provide convenient streaming

  • Removed the support for disconnects, thus simplifying the public API slightly. Note that reload, restart, and forceRestart do not disconnect automatically anymore.


  • Jenkins’ responses to POST requests are being read again

  • Added groovy to ease the communication with the embedded Groovy interpreter (see example/repl.hs)


  • Made orElse more powerful. The old version is available as orElse_

  • Renamed a bunch of things. The Jenkins.Rest module is intended to be imported qualified.

  • Switched to the transformer version of the Church-encoded free monad

  • Removed getS. As a side-effect, get doesn’t leak like crazy anymore

  • Generalized traverseC_ (again)

  • Removed redundant jenkinsPort option: jenkinsUrl handles port numbers well enough

  • Reworked API method construction. The new version is safer (it’s impossible to forget to specify the format of the response), less magical (format is a separate argument to the query function), and has fewer corner cases


  • Replaced concurrentlys and concurrentlys_ with traverseC and traverseC_ respectively. Quick migration guide:

    • concurrentlys -> traverseC id . toList
    • concurrentlys_ -> traverseC_ id . toList
  • Added getS for tighter control of Jenkins responses consumption

  • post variants do not read the response body at all anymore

  • Added orElse

  • Removed runJenkinsThrowing from the API

  • runJenkins only catches exceptions thrown by the execution of Jenkins queries

  • Switched to network-uri

  • Removed io from the API. Quick migration guide: io -> liftIO

  • Upgraded dependencies’ bounds

  • Generalized ConnectInfo

  • Generalized io

  • Added runJenkinsThrowing

  • Switched to Text for username and API token (password)

  • Supported lens-4.0

  • restart does not send requests to $jenkins_url/restart anymore. Instead, it calls $jenkins_url/safe-restart which waits running jobs to complete. New forceRestart function does now what restart did before

  • Massive refactoring

  • More optics in Network.HTTP.Conduit.Lens

  • Added overallLoad and computer REST API methods shortcuts

  • Moved onto http-conduit 2.0 API.

  • Initial release. REST and Discovery APIs support.
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