Makes it easy to use the linearscan register allocator with Hoopl

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BSD3 licensed by John Wiegley
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This module provides two convenience features for Hoopl users that wish to use linearscan for register allocation in their compilers.

First, it defines a type class called NodeAlloc. After defining an instance of this class for your particular graph node type, simply call LinearScan.Hoopl.allocateHoopl. This is a simpler interface than using linearscan directly, which requires two records of functions that are more general in nature than the methods of NodeAlloc.

Second, it provides a DSL for constructing assembly language DSLs that compile into Hoople program graphs. See the tests for a concrete example. This is mainly useful for constructing tests of intermediate representations.

Please see the tests for an example of the simple assembly language that is used to test the linearscan allocator.

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