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BSD3 licensed by Simon Marlow, Bernie Pope, Mikolaj Konarski, Duncan Coutts
Maintained by Bernie Pope


linux-perf is a library for parsing, representing in Haskell and pretty-printing the data file output of the Linux ‘perf’ command (Linux performance counters).

License and Copyright

linux-perf is distributed as open source software under the terms of the BSD License (see the file LICENSE in the top directory).

Authors: Simon Marlow, Bernie Pope, Mikolaj Konarski, Duncan Coutts, copyright 2010, 2011, 2012.

Contact information

Email Bernie Pope:


Building and installing

linux-perf uses the cabal infrastructure for configuring, building and installation. It needs access to the header files from the Linux kernel source distribution (one that is sufficiently recent to support the performance counters tool).

To build and install:

cabal install --extra-include-dirs=/path/to/linux/headers/

To clean:

cabal clean

To test:

dump-perf test/ | less

For longer examples see

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