Read, set and list extended attributes

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BSD3 licensed by Nicola Squartini
Maintained by Nicola Squartini

linux-xattr provides Haskell bindings to the Linux syscalls for reading and manipulating extended attributes (setxattr, getxattr, listxattr and removexattr).

              "Haskell Programming Language"
              "Extended file attributes"
              "setxattr(2) - Linux manual page"
              "getxattr(2) - Linux manual page"
              "listxattr(2) - Linux manual page"
              "removexattr(2) - Linux manual page"


Version (2014-06-05)

  • New functions for working in the user namespace.
    • Set extended user attributes:
      • setUserXAttr
      • lSetUserXAttr
      • fdSetUserXAttr
    • Create extended user attributes:
      • createUserXAttr
      • lCreateUserXAttr
      • fdCreateUserXAttr
    • Replace extended user attributes:
      • replaceUserXAttr
      • lReplaceUserXAttr
      • fdReplaceUserXAttr
    • Retrieve extended user attributes:
      • getUserXAttr
      • lGetUserXAttr
      • fdGetUserXAttr
    • List extended user attributes:
      • listUserXAttr
      • lListUserXAttr
      • fdListUserXAttr
    • Remove extended user attributes:
      • removeUserXAttr
      • lRemoveUserXAttr
      • fdRemoveUserXAttr
  • Use Safe Haskell extension.
  • Use type synonyms Name and Value for name and value of extended attributes.
  • Improve documentation.
  • Minor code fixes.

Version (2014-04-08)

  • Relicense under BSD3.
  • Edit description and .cabal file.
  • Clean up code.

Version (2013-03-15)

  • Initial release of linux-xattr, previously called XAttr.
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