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Labeled IO library

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GPL licensed by HAILS team
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A package that provides dynamic tracking of information-flow. This package is intended to only be used at the computer science school ECI 2011 (Buenos Aires, Argentina) Please, refer to the official version of this package if you intended to use it for other purposes. The Labeled IO (LIO) library provides information flow control for incorporating untrusted code within Haskell applications. Most code should import module LIO.LIO and whichever label type the application is using (e.g., LIO.DCLabel). The core functionality of the library is documented in LIO.TCB. LIO was implemented by David Mazieres (, Deian Stefan (, Alejandro Russo ( and John C. Mitchell ( The extended version of our paper, that includes the proofs is available here: To obtain the latest experimental source code, run: git clone

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