A low-level data interoperability binding for LLVM

Latest on Hackage:0.3.0

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BSD3 licensed by Tristan Ravitch
Maintained by travitch@cs.wisc.edu

This package converts the LLVM IR (either bitcode files or LLVM assembly) into a Haskell data type (defined in llvm-base-types). The conversion uses the LLVM libraries to read bitcode. It then traverses the IR and produces a Haskell structure that can be pattern matched against in pure code.

After the conversion, no C++ data is referenced and no C++ code is called. This library does link against LLVM directly, and therefore also uses libstdc++. This can make linking tricky sometimes. For example, mixing template-haskell with C++-linked code does not seem to work.

Note that this library only works with LLVM 3.0-3.3, and will try to retain as much compatibility with future and past versions as is reasonable.

Installation Notes

  • Currently, this library is set up to link against the LLVM shared library (libLLVM-3.X.so). Most distro packages build the LLVM shared library. If you make a custom build, be sure to configure with --enable-shared.

Debian and Ubuntu

You need the development libraries and headers, so be sure to install the llvm-3.X-dev package, where X is the version you would like to use. You will also need clang.



  • Support LLVM-3.3 (contributed by Patrick Hulin)
  • Minor breaking change in MetaDW*Type. These no longer have a MetaDWFile; instead, they directly contain their file and directory information.
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