FFI bindings to the LLVM compiler toolkit. http://haskell.org/haskellwiki/LLVM

Latest on Hackage:3.8.1

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BSD3 licensed by Henning Thielemann, Bryan O'Sullivan, Lennart Augustsson
Maintained by Henning Thielemann

FFI bindings to the LLVM compiler toolkit.

Installation is based on pkg-config since this is best supported by Cabal. This requires an llvm.pc file which unfortunately is not generated by the LLVM source package. You may be lucky that your distribution package includes that file. If not, you can generate it yourself using the llvm-pkg-config package.

We try to stay up to date with LLVM releases. The current version of this package is compatible with LLVM 3.4-3.8. Please understand that the package may or may not work against older LLVM releases.

Warning for inplace builds: Re-configuring the package using, say -fllvm307, and re-buildung it might result in corrupt code. You must make sure that the stuff in cbits is re-compiled. Cabal or GHC may forget about that. You are safe if you run cabal clean.

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