Request logger middleware for Logentries https://github.com/toddmohney/logentries#README.md

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BSD3 licensed by Todd Mohney
Maintained by toddmohney@gmail.com


Example Usage

The logEntriesLogger produces a chainable Middleware type which can be used in conjunction with any other Middleware type.

-- The Middleware is chained to Servant's Application
-- Other Middlewares can be attached, as well.
app :: Application
app = requestLogger $ serve api server

-- Configures and creates the LogEntries request logger Middleware
requestLogger :: Middleware
requestLogger =
  let token = fromJust . fromString $ "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000"
      logentriesConfig = Config "data.logentries.com" 80 token
  in logEntriesLogger logentriesConfig

Example Application

A Servant example can be found in the repo.

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