Import, export etc. for TPTP, a syntax for first-order logic

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GPL licensed by Daniel Schüssler
Maintained by Ahn, Ki Yung, Daniel Schüssler

For information about the TPTP format, see http://www.cs.miami.edu/~tptp/.


  • Parser (parse)

  • Exporter (toTPTP)

  • Pretty-printer (pretty)

  • QuickCheck instances (generation of random formulae)

  • diff : Get a "formula" which represents the differences between two given formulae (equal subexpressions are truncated; so are the subexpressions of subexpressions whose heads already differ)

Tests passed:

  • For randomly generated formulae, parse . toTPTP == id

  • For all files in the TPTP (v 5.2.0) distribution's Problems subtree which don't match the regex "^(thf|tff)(", parse . toTPTP . parse == parse

Not yet implemented: The new thf and tff formula types.


  • Fix compilation error with containers >=0.5.8 (Thanks to @msakai)

  • Fix compilation error with transformers >=0.5.1 and GHC <7.10 (Thanks to @msakai)

  • GHC 7.10.1 compatibility (Thanks to @agomezl)

  • For transformers <, use the Eq/Ord/Show/Read Data.Functor.Identity orphan instances from transformers-compat instead of defining our own
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