Lattice-based cryptographic applications using < lol>.

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GPL-2 licensed by Eric Crockett, Chris Peikert
Maintained by Eric Crockett
Overview of applications:

* SymmSHE.hs gives an implementation of a symmetric-key,
somewhat-homomorphic encryption scheme that is essentially
equivalent to the one from the toolkit paper [LPR'13].

* KeyHomomorphicPRF.hs gives an implementation of the
key-homomorphic pseudo-random function from Banerjee
and Peikert in Crypto 2014 ([BP14]).

* HomomPRF provides an interface for the homomorphic evaluation of the [BP14]

Note that an example using each application can be found in the 'examples'
directory. Tests and benchmarks for SHE and KeyHomomorphicPRF are provided in
the 'tests' and 'benchmarks' directories. Tests and benchmarks for HomomPRF are
included in the example for HomomPRF.


Changelog for lol project

  • Removed unnecessary dependencies.

  • Fixed compile error in KHPRFTests.

  • Added [BPF14] key-homomorphic PRF.
  • Added homomorphic evaluation of PRF.
  • Simpler benchmarks and tests.
  • SHE: Made hints for key switching and ring tunneling explicit.
  • SHE: Protocol buffer formats for tunneling, key-switch hints, secret keys, etc. Note that this provides an easy way to save expensive precomputation. See the HomomPRF example for more details.

  • Updated documentation with MathJax
  • Added

  • Updated for lol-0.3.*
  • Added simple example.

  • Initial split from lol.
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