A library for benchmarking < lol>.

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GPL-2 licensed by Eric Crockett, Chris Peikert
Maintained by Eric Crockett
This library contains modules which benchmark different layers of Lol.
Choose which layers you want to benchmark,
and call the appropriate funtion with a proxy for the relevant parameters.

Primarily, this can be used to benchmark third-party 'Tensor' instances,
but it also includes some useful tools for writing crypto application benchmarks.

Unless you are writing your own benchmarks, you shouldn't explicitly need this


Changelog for lol-benches project

  • Removed dependency on vector since other dependencies now support vector-0.12.

  • Removed unnecessary dependencies.

  • Removed imports of Simple*Benches.

  • Import Control.Monad.Random hiding lift to support MonadRandom-0.5.1.

  • Initial commit: moved benchmarks from package lol to lol-benches.
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