Helpers for Haskell integration with Lua

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MIT licensed by Anupam Jain
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LuaUtils (luautils-0.1.4)

This package is an add-on to the @HsLua@ package by Gracjan Polak (

HsLua only provides a very bare-bones wrapper over the Lua API, and this package is meant to fill in the gap by providing some commonly used features.

Currently the following features are provided -

  1. @Lua.StackValue@ instances for a variety of commonly used datatypes, such as Maps, Tuples, Either, Maybe, Text, Binary etc.
  2. @luaDoString@ and @luaDoFile@ utility functions.
  3. @dumpStack@ function to dump the contents of the stack for debugging.


  • 0.1 : Intial release
  • : Added a Lua.StackValue instance for Text and Data.Map
  • : No Changes. Bumped version number for upload to Hackage
  • : Fixed bug with the StackValue instance for lists
  • 0.1.2 : HsLua 0.3.9 compatibility; LuaDoFile and LuaDoString now return IO () instead of IO Int
  • 0.1.3 : Fixed bug with StackValue.peek for Tuples
  • 0.1.4 : Changed LICENSE to MIT. Added Binary t => StackValue t, and peekbinary and pushbinary functions. Bumped HsLua dependency to 0.4.0 or greater (which uses ByteStrings instead of Strings). Removed dependency on custom-prelude.
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