Server side feed aggregator/reader

Latest on Hackage:0.0.2

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GPL licensed and maintained by Alexander Bau

Lucienne is a simple server side feed aggregator/reader that helps you managing your subscribed feeds. It provides multi user support using basic access authentication. A running mongoDB ( serves as database backend.

Installing instructions:

  1. Run a mongoDB instance

  2. cabal install this package. This will result in two executables: lucienne and lucienne-fetch.

  3. Run lucienne. You might want to limit the maximum heap size, e.g. lucienne +RTS -M30m

  4. Run lucienne-fetch periodically (e.g. by a cron job)

Lucienne accepts the following options:

  -p PORT  --port=PORT          Port of incoming requests
  -d HOST  --databaseHost=HOST  Database host
  -e PORT  --databasePort=PORT  Database port
  -h       --help               Print this help
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