An API client library for Mackerel

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MIT licensed by itchyny
Maintained by itchyny

mackerel-client-hs Build Status

An API client library for Mackerel.

API documents: Mackerel API Documents (v0)

The official Go client library: mackerel-client-go


import Data.Default
import Web.Mackerel

main :: IO ()
main = do
  let client = def { apiKey = "<Mackerel-API-KEY>" }

  print =<< getOrganization client
  print =<< listUsers client

  print =<< listHosts client def { listHostsParamsService = Just "servicename", listHostsParamsRoles = ["role1", "role2"] }

  print =<< listMonitors client
  print =<< updateMonitor client monitor { monitorName = "Monitor name renamed" }
  print =<< deleteMonitor client (MonitorId "<Monitor-ID>")

  print =<< listAlerts client
  print =<< closeAlert client (AlertId "<Alert-ID>") "this is not an important alert"




This software is released under the MIT License, see LICENSE.

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