Generates mountainous terrain using a random walk algorithm.

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GPL-3 licensed by Christopher Howard
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Provides functions for generating mountain-like terrain structure using a random walk algorithm. Inspired by Pickover's 1998 article "Vacation on Mars". The data can be output as an ascii-format PLY file, or viewed "overhead" as an intensity graph. The PLY file can be loaded into a 3D modeling program such as Blender.


Changelog for mars package Aug 2016

  • Adds zRandomize, meldGraphs to Graphics.Mars.Graph.
  • Modifies Graphics.Mars.Example examples. Aug 2016

  • Breaking modification of parameters for Graphics.Mars.Graph.graph, allowing choice of start position.
  • Internal modifications to Graphics.Mars.Example examples, to adjust for new graph function, and to modify the appearance of one example.
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