Manages the contents of files and directories

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GPL-3 licensed and maintained by Anthony Doggett
MCM - Machine Configuration Manager; manages the contents of files and directories
Copyright (c) 2013-2017 Anthony Doggett <>

Written for Debian and friends (though as yet only really tested on Debian and

MCM is designed such that it is easy for its inputs and outputs to be reviewed
and audited.

I hope you like this piece of living art.


[] 2017-01-09
- enable mcmtags to generate qualified tags (e.g. Admin.Packages.add)
- enhance mcm.vim to make use of qualified tags
[] 2016-11-29
- clean up emission of parse errors
- permit use of @SPACE and other uppercase constants in package lets
[] 2016-06-28
- improve "mcm --help" output
- fix why-can-immediate-locals-not-have-underscores bug
- fix "let =" parsing oddity
- slightly simplify compiled mcm output
- spelling and punctuation fixes
[] 2016-06-25
- add one further parseerrortest
- fix long-contents-with-some-$fragments-are-slow bug
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