Interfacing with the MediaWiki API

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BSD3 licensed and maintained by Sigbjorn Finne
= mediawiki - Accessing MediaWiki from Haskell =

'mediawiki' is a Haskell package providing a comprehensive binding to
the programmatic interface to MediaWiki (aka, 'the MediaWiki API') -

The binding is allegedly complete (2008-11-17), letting you write
applications in Haskell that accesses and (if enabled by target Wiki)
manipulate content on MediaWiki pages.

= Getting started =

For some code samples showing you how to get started using this
API binding, have a look in the examples/ directory.

= Building and installing =

This package is provided in Cabal form, so only thing you need to
do to get going is:

foo% runghc Setup configure
foo% runghc Setup build
foo% runghc Setup install

The package depends on a bunch of other packages though, so you
need to have them built&installed, as well. They are:

* xml:
* mime:
* utf8-string:

= Feedback / question =

Please send them to , and I'll try to respond to them
as best/quickly as possible.
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