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LicenseRef-GPL licensed and maintained by Dirk Hünniger

mediawiki2latex converts MediaWiki markup to LaTeX, PDF, EPUB and ODT. So it provides and export from MediaWiki to LaTeX. It works with any project running MediaWiki, especially Wikipedia and Wikibooks. Please note, that the program requieres certain run time dependencies. Those cannot be expressed in cabal and thus won't be installed when installing from hackage. So we strongly recommend to use the binaries included in debian as well as ubuntu or to use the binary version for windows provided on the sourcefogre project page.


Version 7.33
* src
amperand and "<" and ">" now work in sourcecode received via html
some more toplevel function are now documented
server now displayes running at wmflabs
server now warns about time limit of one hour
formulas inside image caption received of html work
man page update
source code pretty printed
Version 7.32
* src
tables now work with formulas inside them also
webserver now links to installation instructions
Version 7.31
* src
tables now work again and superfloues mediawiki internal html elements removed
Version 7.30
* src
making it compile on debian buster
Version 7.29
* src
making server mode work again
Version 7.28
* src
wikipedia "Book" namespace mode added. ram usage optimized in this mode
Version 7.27
* src
xelatex compiler change, ttf file extension no more written out
Version 7.26
* src
added two new output formats: epub and odt
Version 7.25
* src
replaced deprecated call to parseUrl by call to parseRequest
Version 7.24
* src
bdi tags in list of figures as well as contributors removed
Version 7.23
* src
German Wikibook Mathe für nicht Freaks does compile now.
Formulas now work with Wikipedias new mathml markup.
Version 7.22
* src
English Bourne Shell Wikiboook and German Wikibook on complex
numbers do compile now
Version 7.21
* src
Wikipedia does now only allow https but no more https. This bug was fixed with this release.
Now mediawiki2latex only uses https request but does not support http anymore
Version 7.20
* src
mediawiki changed its html output concerning internal links. This caused a bug
in mediawiki2latex causing wrong display of links in the pdf and latex
documents generated. This bug has been fixed
Version 7.19
* src
server mode website now W3C validated HTML5. font scaling for tables which would not
fit on a page otherwise optimized. superfluses values, needed only internaly for
sorting in normal webbrowsers, in sortable tables removed accoriding to
span style dispaly none
Version 7.18
* src
tables optimized. scalefactor for width correction by spacing between column is not back to normal
again. At most two columns of a table may be wraped, the fontssize of the table is reduced
otherwise now. Tables with contain nested tables are now always typeset in landscape mode
Version 7.17
* src
avoid problems with limits on the number of handels on stderr and stdout streams
of subprocesses.
Version 7.16
* src
some templates for german wikibooks have been added
the maximum number of treads has been limited to 200 in order to
avoid problems with limits on the number of file and socket handles.
Version 7.15
* src
on linux the maximum length of a line in a latex document has been increased
chars outside 16 bit unicode range are using font for space character
test on 2700 features articles on the english wikipedia resulted in only one
failiure namely Chess
Version 7.14
* src
server properly reads subprocess pipes now, so the don't overrun anymore
varwidth environments now properly closed when doing latex runs to calculate
optimized column width
stub for selftesting added but no functionally implemented yet
Version 7.13
* src
Webserver now does time out if processing takes to long
Article on New Jouralsim compiles aganin
This solved by packing table cell in varwidth minipages for column width calculation
html fallback. If a server does not seem to be running mediawiki html is processes as fallback
Version 7.12
* src
Web server got a professionally looking web interface new
Formulas on the German Wikipedia work again
Version 7.11
* src
progress strings are now printed to allow precise progress indication
Version 7.10
* src
alternative LaTeX headers can be supplied by the user
Version 7.5
* src
books can now have an index
Version 7.4
* src
-c command line option also on Windows
use of more that one cpus core by runtime system enabled
Version 7.3
* src
Using multiple OS threads. Speedup by a faktor of two due to IO parallelism
Version 7.2
* src
images and list of figures works for even more non wikimedia wikis
fonts now switched during latex run so full 16 bit unicode support on debian included
server added
Version 7.1
* src
mediawiki urls in default configuration, that is with index.php in between work
relative pathnames for -c command line option work
gui added
table of contents is only procuded once per document
Version 6.6
* src
Added command line option for using megafont ttf files if requested
Version 6.5
* Makefile:
A lot of improvements int the building process. Should be easily
packageable now.
Using 'install' instead of 'cp' to make sure file access is right.
Generate man page.

* mediawiki2latex.1:
Completed man page.

Listed most dependencies. Needs to be polished.

* .:
Removed useless files and folders.
Removed backup files.

Version 6.4
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