haskell bindings for memcached

Latest on Hackage:0.2.1

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OtherLicense licensed by Evan Martin
Maintained by Janrain

haskell bindings for memcached


2010-11-24 oleg <>
* Version 0.2.1.
* Network/Memcache/Protocol.hs (delete): Pass the command name to

2010-07-15 oleg <>
* Version 0.2.

2010-07-14 oleg <>
* NEWS: Updated.
* memcached.cabal: Updated version, maintainer and
extra-source-files, fixed build-depends.

2010-07-14 oleg <>
* Network/Memcache/Serializable.hs (Serializable): Support
ByteString. Serialize all types to ByteString instead of String.
Encode/decode strings to/from UTF8.
(toString, fromString, toStringL, fromStringL): Renamed to
serialize, deserialize, serializeL, deserializeL. Updated all

* Network/Memcache/Protocol.hs: Store all values in memcache as
(hGetNetLn): Rewrote to use hGetLine.

* memcached.cabal: Depend on the bytestring and utf8-light packages.

2010-07-13 oleg <>
* README: New file.

2010-07-13 oleg <>
* ChangeLog, NEWS: New files.

2010-07-13 oleg <>
* Added .gitignore.

2010-07-13 oleg <>
* Initial commit (version 0.1.2)
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