command line utility to merge bash_history

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BSD3 licensed by Jiri Marsicek


Utility to be used with unison ( to merge .bash_history file accross multiple machines.


Clone the repository

git clone

Install using stack

cd merge-bash-history
stack install

Example configuration in unison preferences file

Assuming you have root set to your home directory and merge-bash-history is in your $PATH

Add following to your unsion .prf file

merge = Name .bash_history -> merge-bash-history CURRENT1 CURRENT2 > NEW
backupcurrent = Name .bash_history

Manual usage

merge-bash-history [INPUT-FILE1] [INPUT-FILE2] > [MERGED-FILE]


  • Does not support line deletion (e.g. manual removal of lines from .bash_history file)


  • Sorts .bash_history file by timestamp if not sorted
  • removes duplicates (comparing timestamp and command)

Recommended Bash settings

shopt -s histappend

From Pawel Hajdan (

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