A tiny library for benchmarking IO actions. http://thoughtpolice.github.com/hs-microtimer

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BSD3 licensed by Bryan O'Sullivan
Maintained by Austin Seipp

A tiny Haskell library for timing IO actions.

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This package contains a very simple module for benchmarking IO actions. It was taken from criterion.

The API simply provides:

-- | Time an 'IO' action and return the time taken for execution,
-- as well as the return value.
time :: IO a -> IO (Double, a)

-- | Time an 'IO' action, throwing away the result and returning
-- the time taken for execution.
time_ :: IO a -> IO Double

-- | Convert a 'Double' value into a 'String' which specifies
-- how long something took in seconds.
formatSeconds :: Double -> String


It's just a cabal install away on Hackage:

$ cabal install microtimer

Join in

Be sure to read the contributing guidelines. File bugs in the GitHub issue tracker.

Master git repository:

  • git clone https://github.com/thoughtpolice/hs-microtimer.git

There's also a BitBucket mirror:

  • git clone https://bitbucket.org/thoughtpolice/hs-microtimer.git


See AUTHORS.txt.


BSD3. See LICENSE.txt for terms of copyright and redistribution.


  • Initial release
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