Utility functions for processing MIDI files http://github.com/mtolly/midi-util

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BSD3 licensed by Michael Tolly
Maintained by miketolly@gmail.com

Common high-level tasks when processing MIDI files.

  • Use tempos to translate between musical time (beats) and real time (seconds).

  • Use time signatures to reference positions using measures instead of just beats.

  • Find or change the names of MIDI tracks.



  • added TimeSig type and associated functions, so time signatures in a MeasureMap remember their denominators instead of e.g. converting 6/8 to 3/4

  • unmakeTempoMap, unmakeMeasureMap

  • relicensed as BSD3

  • note: the only change that necessitated a major version bump was the removal of the Ord instance for TempoMap and MeasureMap


  • fixed a bug in "extractFirst" (the time value returned was incorrect)


  • added Eq/Ord/Show instances to TempoMap and MeasureMap

  • TempoMap can go back to an event list of tempos, and MeasureMap can go back to an event list of time signatures


  • initial release
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