Bindings to Miniball, a smallest enclosing ball library

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GPL-3 licensed by Gard Spreemann for bindings. Bernd Gärtner for Miniball itself.
Maintained by Gard Spreemann

Bindings to Miniball, a C++ library ( for computing the smallest enclosing ball of a set of points in Euclidean space.

The Miniball library itself is not included, as I consider it a dependency. It consists of only a header file, and can be retrieved from To build this package, simply have miniball.hpp in GCC's include path. The standard C++ library and GCC with C++ support are also needed.

Hackage probably fails to build the Haddock documentation since Miniball itself is missing. The documentation can be viewed at

Miniball itself is copyright 1999-2013, Bernd Gärtner.

The current version has only been tested with version 3.0 of Miniball.

Changes in version

  • Improve allocation before FFI call. Good speedup for short calls (factor 3 for 100000 points in R^3).

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