Minimalistic file rotation utility

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BSD3 licensed and maintained by Krzysztof Skrzetnicki
$ minirotate --help

-h, -? --help show help
-V --version show version
--show-defaults show program defaults
-p PATTERN --pattern=PATTERN pattern for final files
-m --move set copy mode to 'move'
-c --copy set copy mode to 'copy'
--min-files=NUM minimum number of files to keep
--max-files=NUM maximum number of files to keep
--max-age=NUMSEC maximum age of files to keep

$ minirotate --show-defaults
EnvOptions {showHelp_ = False, showVers_ = False, showDefs_ = False, continue_ = True, logger_ = "", verbose_ = False}
RunOptions {filePattern_ = "{basename}-{modtime %d-%m-%Y-%H_%M_%S}{ext}", copyMode_ = Copy, minimumFiles_ = 3, maximumFiles_ = 20, maximumAge_ = 7776000}

Supported file patterns:
{file} = takeFileName fp
{basename} = takeBaseName fp
{ext} = takeExtension fp -- this includes leading dot '.'
{modtime time-format}


-- logging
-- verbose mode
-- write docs
-- write examples

See miniorotate.cabal for some more details.

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