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GPL-2 licensed by John Goerzen
Maintained by Dom De Re

missing-py2 Build Status

A fork of John Goerzen's MissingPy

Updated to run with GHC 7.6.3 and run with Python 2.7.3, for maintaining projects with existing MissingPy dependencies.

see the original documentation for that project here.


Just add missing-py2 to your build-depends list, e.g:

        base < 5 && >= 4
    ,   missing-py2

The original documentation prescribes that the OverlappingInstances GHC extension is neccessary anywhere you use the Python.* modules.

That may be neccessary, however the unit tests seem to run fine without it now.

Don't forget to run py_initialize from Python.Interpreter during the start up phase of your application

Requires the python-dev libs, which can be installed on Ubuntu with sudo apt-get install python-dev.

See Also

  • softmechanics/missingpy : The original project
  • cpython : Another set of libpython bindings (looks more well-maintained), this would probably be preferable for new projects.
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