This package provides a version of Prelude where unary and binary operations such as not, +, == have their result type derived from the parameter type(s) and thus supports mixed-type arithmetic and comparisons.

See module MixedTypesNumPrelude for further documentation.

Ghci 8.0.* fails when loading this package due to ghc bug 13385. This bug does not affect ghci 7.10.3 and ghci 8.2.1.


  • v 2017-12-06 * removed upper bounds for dependencies
  • v 2017-08-22 * fixed bound on base in test suite
  • v 2017-08-15 provided compatible versions of take, drop, length, replicate, splitAt added missing mixed-type subtraction combination to Ring etc.
  • v 2017-08-01 * improve package documentation in module MixedTypesNumPrelude
  • v 0.3 2017-08-01 renamed the main module to MixedTypesNumPrelude much faster compilation Ring and Field are now classes, not synonyms for large sets of constraints many fixes in collect-error framework and its use in division and power Overloaded if-then-else via -XRebindableSyntax compiling with ghc 8.2.1
  • v fix compilation bug in test suite minor doc improvements * fix Complex instances of error-throwing division (/!)
  • v 0.2 new CollectErrors wrapper CN, specialisation of CollectErrors to NumErrors numerical partial operators (eg division) return a CN type instances for Data.Complex
  • v 0.1 * first release
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