A type for integers modulo some constant.

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BSD3 licensed and maintained by Tikhon Jelvis

Modular Arithmetic

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This package provides a type for integers modulo some constant, usually written as ℤ/n.

Here is a quick example:

>>> 10 * 11 :: ℤ/7

It also works correctly with negative numeric literals:

>>> (-10) * 11 :: ℤ/7

Modular division is an inverse of modular multiplication. It is defined when divisor is coprime to modulus:

>>> 7 `div` 3 :: ℤ/16
>>> 3 * 13 :: ℤ/16


  • fixed a name clash with GHC.TypeLits for base >= 4.11.0

  • exported the / type operator with ExplicitNamespaces enabled to support GHC 8. Should be backwards compatible through GHC 7.6.

  • added a basic test suite with doctests

  • changed Integral implementation: quotRem now uses modular inversion!
  • added inv for modular inversion
  • added SomeMod data type for modular number with unknown modulus
  • added modVal and someModVal helpers similar to ones in GHC.TypeLits
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