ST monad with efficient explicit errors

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BSD2 licensed by Carter Tazio Schonwald
Maintained by carter at wellposed dot com

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STE Monad

an ST monad sibling with efficient typed aborting exceptions that can only be handled at the runSTE/handleSTE toplevel runner.


Revision history for monad-ste -- 2016-05-03

  • First hackage release

  • Added support for GHC 7.4 through 7.8 along with preexisting support for 7.10 and 8.0

  • Added MonadFix instance

  • Moved the definitions and unsafe code to .STE.Internal and marked the .STE module which only provides safe exports as Trustworthy

  • Added a number of unsafe helper functions such as unsafeInterleaveSTE to the Internal module, as well as exposing


  • Thanks to Duncan Coutts for design feedback that using the raw raiseIO# and catch# primitives would simplify the core code

  • Thanks to Brian Schroeder and Joel Burget for helping debug and improve the code.

  • Originally a module in the Hopper project.

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