metric spaces

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BSD2 licensed by Ricky Elrod, Tony Morris
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A MetricSpace is a set together with a notion of distance between elements. Distance is computed by a function dist which has the following four laws:

  1. non-negative: forall x y. dist x y >= 0

  2. identity of indiscernibles: forall x y. dist x y == 0 <=> x == y

  3. symmetry: forall x y. dist x y == dist y x

  4. triangle inequality: forall x y z. dist x z <= dist x y + dist y z

See the Wikipedia article on metric spaces for more details.



  • Added a changelog.
  • Added hamming distance metric.
  • Added instance of Semigroupoid. (@tonymorris)
  • Fixed hlint warnings.


  • Fixed types of discrete and levenshtein to use Integral instead of Floating.
  • Slight docs formatting fixes


Initial release.

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