A network address format

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BSD3 licensed and maintained by Micxjo Funkcio


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A multiaddr implementation in Haskell. Multiaddr is a self-describing network address format supporting a variety of protocols, with both string and binary representations.


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import Network.Multiaddr

let Just somewhere = readMultiaddr "/ip4/"
protocolNames somewhere -- ["ip4", "tcp"]

-- Encapsulation
-- Multiaddr is a monoid, `encapsulate` is just an alias for (<>)
let Just proxy = readMultiaddr "/ip6/::1/tcp/443"
let proxied = proxy `encapsulate` somewhere

toText proxied -- "/ip6/::1/tcp/443/ip4/"
hasIPv6 proxied -- True

-- Grab an individual part of the address
parts proxied !! 2  -- "/ip4/"

-- Encode into a ByteString
let bytes = encode proxied

-- Decode and get back the original!
let Just decoded = decode bytes
decoded == proxied -- True
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