Bidirectional Two-level Transformation of XML Schemas

Latest on Hackage:0.0.1

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BSD3 licensed by Hugo Pacheco, Alcino Cunha
Maintained by Hugo Pacheco

This cabal package can be installed with:

$ cabal install multifocal

For a manual install, execute:

$ runhaskell Setup.lhs configure
$ runhaskell Setup.lhs build
$ runhaskell Setup.lhs install

For an example, try running the following steps:

1) generate a target XML Schema file and an optimized lens executable from the source XML Schema file imdb.xsd according to the transformation imdb.2lt.

$ multifocal -i examples/imdb.xsd -t examples/imdb.2lt -o examples/imdb2.xsd -c examples/Imdb.hs -e

2) compile the resulting file

$ ghc --make examples/Imdb.hs -o imdb

3) Migrate a source XML document into a target XML document

$ ./imdb -s examples/imdb.xml -f -o examples/imdb2.xml

4) Translate an updated target XML document back to the source

./imdb -s examples/imdb.xml -t examples/imdb2mod.xml -b -o examples/imdbmod.xml

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