Monitor ekg metrics via Nagios

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MIT licensed by Sharif Olorin
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This package provides check_ekg, a generic plugin for Nagios (and compatible) monitoring systems which translates metrics exposed by ekg into perfdata suitable for use with pnp4nagios and similar tools.

There is currently no support for threshold checks; the plugin will always return an OK result if it can obtain and parse output from the EKG endpoint. Its primary function is to allow gathering performance data over time from EKG-enabled Haskell applications; there are no current plans to add support for thresholds/alerting, though I'd consider it in the future if there was demand.


The plugin can either be executed directly on the Nagios host or invoked via NRPE.

Example invocation:

$ check_ekg -e
OK: perfdata only | iterations=60614c;;;; rts_gc_bytes_allocated=0c;;;; rts_gc_bytes_copied=0c;;;; rts_gc_cpu_ms=0c;;;; rts_gc_cumulative_bytes_used=0c;;;; rts_gc_current_bytes_slop=0.0;;;; rts_gc_current_bytes_used=0.0;;;; rts_gc_gc_cpu_ms=0c;;;; rts_gc_gc_wall_ms=0c;;;; rts_gc_max_bytes_slop=0.0;;;; rts_gc_max_bytes_used=0.0;;;; rts_gc_mutator_cpu_ms=0c;;;; rts_gc_mutator_wall_ms=0c;;;; rts_gc_num_bytes_usage_samples=0c;;;; rts_gc_num_gcs=0c;;;; rts_gc_par_avg_bytes_copied=0.0;;;; rts_gc_par_max_bytes_copied=0.0;;;; rts_gc_par_tot_bytes_copied=0.0;;;; rts_gc_peak_megabytes_allocated=0.0;;;; rts_gc_wall_ms=0c;;;; ekg_server_timestamp_ms=1435214338224c;;;;
$ echo $?


nagios-plugin-ekg has been tested with GHC 7.8.4 and GHC 7.10.1.

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