Query SQL databases using Nested Relational Calculus embedded in Haskell.

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BSD3 licensed by Ezra e. k. Cooper
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Narc is an embedded language for querying SQL databases, which permits using the ``nested relational'' model, a more flexible model than the traditional relational model of SQL databases. In spite of this richer data model, queries are transformed into SQL to run against standard databases.

To use the language, express a query using the combinators like foreach, table, having, singleton and so on. Wrap this in a call to narcToSQLString to get a string that can be sent to a SQL database.

To send a query directly to an HDBC connection, import the module Database.Narc.HDBC and use its run function, passing it an HDBC connection and a Narc query. The result is an IO action that returns a 2-D list of result values in HDBC's usual format.

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