CPU load and memory usage indicators for i3bar

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Apache-2.0 licensed by Mihaly Barasz, Gergely Risko

CPU load and memory usage indicators

nc-indicators displays a CPU load and memory usage mini-graphs in your i3bar, much like Gnome's indicator-multiload applet.

To use nc-indicators simply exec it on startup:

exec --no-startup-id nc-indicators

You can turn off either indicator and change the update interval, eg.:

exec --no-startup-id nc-indicators --show_mem=0 --update_interval=300

nc-indicators uses the standard system tray icon protocol, so it can be used with any system tray-like application, not just i3bar. But it was originally created to be used with i3bar.


  • What's up with the name? Why nc indicators?

    The two authors together make up

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