Modernised bindings to GNU ncurses

Latest on Hackage:0.2.16

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GPL-3.0-only licensed and maintained by John Millikin

GNU ncurses is a library for creating command-line application with pseudo-graphical interfaces. This package is a nice, modern binding to GNU ncurses.

The following example is a program that displays the message "Hello world!" until the user hits Q:

import UI.NCurses

main :: IO ()
main = runCurses $ do
    setEcho False
    w <- defaultWindow
    updateWindow w $ do
        moveCursor 1 10
        drawString "Hello world!"
        moveCursor 3 10
        drawString "(press q to quit)"
        moveCursor 0 0
    waitFor w (\ev -> ev == EventCharacter 'q' || ev == EventCharacter 'Q')

waitFor :: Window -> (Event -> Bool) -> Curses ()
waitFor w p = loop where
    loop = do
        ev <- getEvent w Nothing
        case ev of
            Nothing -> loop
            Just ev' -> if p ev' then return () else loop
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