Helper module for Nginx haskell module

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BSD3 licensed and maintained by Alexey Radkov

Helper module for Nginx haskell module


  • Lazy bytestrings contents are no longer copied when passed back to nginx. Instead, they are passed directly along with a StablePtr to original bytestrings. This must improve performance and lower memory consumption for content handlers with large outputs.

  • All synchronous variable and content handlers were made exception safe.
  • Bugfix: evaluate results of IO handlers strictly to make sure that all exceptions will be caught.

  • Bugfix: keep calling fdWriteBuf until it writes complete buffer.

  • All asynchronous handlers can now report events via eventfd channels.
  • New dependency on package binary (>=

  • Stricter constraints for packages base (>= 4.8 && < 5) and template-haskell (>=

  • Versioning security: get number of required version parts from C code.

  • Added versioning support to test for compatibility in C code.

  • Added an asynchronous client request body handler exported with ngxExportAsyncOnReqBody for using in a new Nginx directive haskellrunasynconrequest_body.

  • Added signatures for type-checkers and exporters to prevent warnings when reifying in a user code with -Wmissing-signatures or -Wall enabled.

  • Added a synchronous handler in IO Monad exported with ngxExportIOYY.

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