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MIT licensed by Tom Brow
Maintained by Tom Brow


Noise is a concise, friendly language for graphic design that translates directly to SVG 1.1. You can learn more about the language at its webpage.

This project is an implementation of Noise written in Haskell. It includes an interpreter and a library of modules that you can use to write your own interpreter.


First, install the Haskell Platform. Then:

git clone
cd noise
cabal install

Let’s make sure it worked:

$ noise --help
Usage: noise [file]
  -h  --help  Print this help text.


noise reads Noise code from standard input and writes SVG to standard output:

echo ",10,10," | noise > circle.svg

It can also read from a file:

echo "shape.rectangle(0,0,10,10," > rectangle.noise
noise rectangle.noise > rectangle.svg

Use convert from the ImageMagick package to write other image formats:

echo ",10,10," | noise | convert -size 20x20 svg:- circle.png


I recommend using cabal-dev to maintain a sandboxed build environment. If you don’t have it already:

cabal install cabal-dev

Then, in the project root:

cabal-dev install-deps --enable-tests
cabal-dev configure --enable-tests

After performing the above setup once, you can build and test noise like so:

cabal-dev build && cabal-dev test

For a more detailed and colorful test report, try this:

cabal-dev build && ./dist/build/test/test
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