Number of digits in a number in decimal and hexadecimal representation.

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Number Length

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Number length in decimal and hexadecimal representation.

There are situations when it is necessary to know the length of a number in decimal or hexadecimal form. In example when allocating buffer while serializing a number in to binary or human readable format.

λ> numberLength (123 :: Int)

λ> numberLengthHex (123 :: Int)  -- 123 = 7b in hex

Building Options

  • -fpedantic (disabled by default)

    Pass additional warning flags to GHC.


The BSD 3-Clause License, see [LICENSE][] file for details.


Contributions, pull requests and bug reports are welcome! Please don't be afraid to contact author using GitHub or by e-mail. "Package number-length on Hackage" []: "The Haskell Programming Language" [LICENSE]: "License of number-length package." [tl;dr Legal: BSD3]: "BSD 3-Clause License (Revised)"


ChangeLog / ReleaseNotes


  • Depend on quickcheck-instances to provide instance Arbitrary Natural for unit tests. (minor change)


  • Instances for Integer and Natural.
  • Build on GHC 8.2.2 and Stackage LTS 10.*.


  • Removed dead code. (minor change)
  • Better and expanded test suite, which now includes tests for methods of SignedNumberLength. (minor change)
  • Depending on tagged package only for GHC <7.8. This is due to the fact, that Data.Proxy module was introduce in base ==4.7, which was bundled with GHC 7.8. (minor change)
  • Small examples included in description. (minor change)
  • Uploaded to Hackage:

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