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GPL-3 licensed by Zankoku Okuno

Octopus is a highly dynamic programming language with an astounding (I think) power-to-weight ratio (expressivity-to-complexity). With just a handful of simple primitives, Octopus provides a complete programming environment. Its main focus is on complete programmer control, not on performance or static analysis. While the user can shoot themselves, the most natural methods should be the most reasonable. Octopus' is most useful for well-contained problems, for teaching, as a (possibly embedded) scripting language, anywhere boilerplate is a serious issue, for problems involving higher math, and for brain-stretching. Octopus is currently in the useable stage of development, in the same way food might be food might be edible instead of tasty. We are under active development, working towards featureful.


v0.0.1.0-alpha (2014-03-31)

Initial release version.
+ Turing-complete: `vau`, `eval`, `match`, `extends`.
+ Pattern matching on symbols, seqs, xonses.
+ Primitive operations: xonses, numbers, arithmetic, relationals, strict if-zero
+ Import primitive
+ Expression and file parsers
+ Syntactic sugar: `do`-expressions
+ Syntactic sugar: quoted expressions

v0.0.2.0-alpha (2014-04-06)

+ Raise and handle exceptions
+ Built-in exceptions
+ I/O primitives
+ Block comments
+ Heredoc text literals
+ Literals for builtins
+ Syntactic sugar: `@`, `:`-syntax, infix `.`-syntax
+ Syntactic sugar: `open` statement
+ Syntactic sugar: non-mutual `letrec` statement
+ Draft of `basis.oct`
- Closures do not print their internals
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