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BSD3 licensed and maintained by Frank S. Thomas


ohloh-hs is a Haskell Interface to the Ohloh API, which provides access to the data of the Ohloh open source directory. It consists mainly of simple data types for the items exposed by the API and corresponding HXT pickler functions in order to convert those types from/to XML easily.


ohloh-hs uses the Cabal build system. To build ohloh-hs' tests and tools, run these command in its source tree:

cabal configure --enable-tests
cabal build

If the build succeeded, you can for example run the cmdoh tool:

dist/build/cmdoh/cmdoh --help


Here are some example invocations of the cmdoh tool:

cmdoh fetch -k YOUR_API_KEY_HERE language haskell

cmdoh read -f tests/queries/language.xml


ohloh-hs was written by Frank S. Thomas <>

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