Haskell binding to OpenCV-3.x extra modules

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This package is not currently in any snapshots. If you're interested in using it, we recommend adding it to Stackage Nightly. Doing so will make builds more reliable, and allow to host generated Haddocks.

BSD3 licensed and maintained by Roel van Dijk, Bas van Dijk

This is a Haskell library providing a binding to the OpenCV-3.x contrib modules. It binds directly with the C++ API using the inline-c Haskell library.

The library is far from complete but the framework is there to easily bind missing functionality.

Make sure to checkout the opencv-extra-examples.

Changes - 2017-06-23


  • Added all constructors of OpenCV.Extra.ArUco.PredefinedDictionaryName.


  • Fix test-suite by including missing data files. - 2017-06-20


  • Fix build on OS X.
  • Add source repo to cabal file.
  • Added a Cabal package description. - 2017-06-11

  • Initial version

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