Library and example for using DLP stereo in OpenGL

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MIT licensed and maintained by Brian W Bush

Functions for using DLP stereo with 3-D Ready Sync projectors and OpenGL

This Haskell package contains functions for rendering 3D stereo using DLP 3-D Ready Sync projectors and active-shutter stereo glasses. It also includes a sample application and notes regarding hardware setup for DLP. In particular, note that this technique does not require a graphics card that supports GL_STEREO.

The code conforms to the specification <> and is based on the implementation for the stereo movie viewer Bino <>.

Please report issues at <>.

Skeletal example illustrating the use of frame-sequential DLP

main :: IO ()
main = do
  _ <- getArgsAndInitialize
  initialDisplayMode $= [WithDepthBuffer, DoubleBuffered]
  _ <- createWindow \"DLP Stereo OpenGL Example\"
  depthFunc $= Just Less 
  idleCallback $= Just (postRedisplay Nothing)
  -- Use frame-sequential DLP encoding.
  dlpDisplayCallback $= def {dlpEncoding = FrameSequential, doDisplay = display}

display :: DlpDisplayCallback
display eye = do
  -- Shift the view slightly, depending on for which eye to draw.
  translate $ Vector3 (if eye == LeftDlp then -0.05 else 0.05 :: GLfloat) 0 0 
  -- All of the rendering actions go here.
  renderPrimitive . . .

Notes on hardware and software

This code has been validated with the following configuration of hardware and software:

  • Optoma ML550 WXGA 500 Lumen 3D Ready Portable DLP LED Projector, running 120 Hz at 1024x768 resolution
  • Optoma ZD302 DLP Link Active Shutter 3D Glasses
  • Ubuntu 15.04, 64-bit
  • NVIDIA Driver Version 340.93, with xorg.conf option Stereo set to 8
  • GHC 7.6.3
  • OpenGL ==
  • GLUT ==
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