Order statistic trees based on weight-balanced trees

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BSD3 licensed by Mansur Ziiatdinov
Maintained by mz@lambdasoft.ru

This repository contains an implementation of order statistic tree in Haskell programming language. I could not find an order statistic tree at Hackage, so I have to develop one.

This implementation uses weight-balanced trees which are desribed in

  • Hirai, Yoichi, and Kazuhiko Yamamoto. "Balancing weight-balanced trees." Journal of Functional Programming 21.03 (2011): 287-307.

Also some code is based on containers package.

Implementation of order statistic tree is described in

  • Cormen, T.H., Leiserson, Rivest, Stein. Introduction to algorithms. The MIT Press. 3rd ed.


I tried to make this tree as fast as possible. The results on my i7-4790 with 16Gb RAM are following:

  • OSTree was created from 1.000.000 random numbers in 2.087 ± 0.021 s (e.g. for Data.Map.Strict - 1.977 ± 0.016 s);

  • deletion from OSTree with 1.000.000 random numbers was made in 13.94 ± 0.93 ms;

  • lookup from OSTree with 1.000.000 random numbers was made in 208.2 ± 3.48 ns;

  • selection from OSTree with 1.000.000 random numbers was made in 92.72 ± 1.91 ns;

  • full testing protocol can be found in result-bench.txt.

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