A collection of Attoparsec combinators for parsing org-mode flavored documents.

Latest on Hackage:0.2.2

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BSD3 licensed and maintained by Parnell Springmeyer


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orgmode-parse provides a top-level parser and collection of attoparsec parser combinators for org-mode structured text.

You can find the package on Hackage.

What’s Finished

We have built attoparsec parsers for parsing org-mode document structures and meta-data. Here is a list of all the syntax features that have a complete parsing implementation and not:

  • [X] Headlines
    • [X] State keywords
    • [X] Priority indicator
    • [X] Title
    • [X] Status / progress indicator
    • [X] Tag list
  • [X] Property drawers
  • [X] State keyword changelogs
  • [X] Scheduled and deadline timestamps (timestamp, range, duration, periodicity)
    • [X] Active and inactive timestamps
  • [X] Clock timestamps
  • [ ] Markup
    • [ ] Emphasis
      • [ ] Bold
      • [ ] Italic
      • [ ] Strikethrough
      • [ ] Underline
      • [ ] Superscript
      • [ ] Subscript
      • [ ] Code / monospaced
    • [ ] Tables
    • [ ] Lists
      • [ ] Unordered lists
      • [ ] Numbered lists
      • [ ] Checkbox modified lists
    • [ ] Blocks (src / quote / example blocks)

Parsing org-mode markup is currently being worked on.

What’s Planned (outside of what’s not finished)

  1. Modernizing this library and adding significantly more documentation to it
  2. Writing a sister library, orgmode-pretty, providing a pretty printer implementation for an org-mode AST
  3. Pandoc integration


There are a few ways to build this library if you’re developing a patch:

  • stack build && stack test, and
  • nix-build --no-out-link --attr orgmode-parse release.nix

You can also use the nix-shell provided cabal environment for incremental development:

$ nix-shell --attr orgmode-parse.env release.nix
$ cabal build

Projects that use this package:


BSD3 Open Source Software License



  • Support building with GHC 8.4.3 (thank you @zhujinxuan!)


  • Fix property drawer parsing of :END: delimiter, fixes #35


  • Fix timestamp parsing in headline and body, fixes #13
  • Generalize drawer parser for logbook and generic drawers, fixes #14
  • Reorganize the types, fixes #15

  • The weekday parser now correctly parses weekday appellations of other languages (thank you nushio3!) using a combinator-style version of the regex found in org-mode.

  • Comment improvement wibbles.
  • Adding the =Attoparsec= combinator modules to the export module list in the cabal package definition.

  • Sub-headings are now parsed and tracked by its parent.
  • Much more robust timestamp / clock / schedule parsing.
  • A good mount of code cleanup and comment improvement.

  • [X] Fixing the import for the =Internal= module (instead of re-exporting it in each parser module).

  • [X] Added parsers for the scheduled / deadline timestamps.

  • [X] Parsing of property drawer.
  • [X] Tests for both drawer and heading parsers.

  • [X] Parsers for orgmode list headlines.
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