Pretty-printer for Ott parse trees

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BSD3 licensed by Brent Yorgey
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Ott ( is a tool for writing formal definitions of programming languages and calculi. Often the Ott grammars one defines end up being ambiguous, and Ott signals its displeasure by spewing forth several massive parse trees in a format requiring formidable patience to read. Finding the slight differences between two such parse trees is an exercise in seizure-inducing tedium.

To the rescue comes ottparse-pretty! Simply paste in each parse and it is shown to you in a nicely formatted tree form with all the extra meaningless cruft removed.


* 21 May 2016

- allow base-4.9

* 6 April 2015

- allow base-4.8

* 14 April 2014

- allow base-4.7
- switch to darcshub

* 12 Oct 2012

- add Text.Ott.Pretty to other-modules field so it gets included
in the tarball

* 21 Aug 2012

- bump upper bound on base to <4.7 and split to <0.3

* 11 May 2012

- bump upper bound on containers to <0.6

* 0.1.2: 22 December 2011

- bump upper bound on base to compile under ghc 7.4

* 0.1.1: 11 October 2011

- single quotes are allowed in identifiers
- add example to documentation

* 0.1: 11 October 2011

Initial release
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