Tool for detecting redundant Cabal package dependencies

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BSD3 licensed by Herbert Valerio Riedel

This simple CLI tool allows to find out which of the packages listed as build-depends in a Cabal package description file are redundant.

packunused works by taking advantage of GHC's -ddump-minimal-imports feature which creates .import files for each compiled module containing a minimal set of explicit import declarations. These .import files together with Cabal's generated package configuration meta-data is analyzed by packunused to detect potentially redundant package dependencies.

In order to use packunused you have to configure the package as usual. See the example session below:

cabal clean
rm *.imports
cabal configure -O0 --disable-library-profiling
cabal build --ghc-option=-ddump-minimal-imports

The -O0 --disable-library-profiling options are just to speed up compilation. In some cases you might want to pass additional options to the configure step, such as --enable-benchmark or --enable-tests.

When run, packunused prints a report to standard output listing its findings for each component built. The following is an example for the packunused package itself, with a redundant dependency added for demonstration on purpose:

detected package components

 - executable(s): packunused

(component names suffixed with '*' are not configured to be built)


The following package dependencies seem redundant:

 - criterion-


  • Add support for Cabal-1.22.* and base-4.8.*

  • Allow optparse-applicative-0.11.* and haskell-src-exts-1.16.*

  • New option --ignore-package to white-list redundant packages by name
  • Exit with a non-zero status code if (non-ignored) redundant dependencies are found
  • Fake support for parsing -XSafeHaskell and -XExplicitNamespaces in .imports files
  • Switched from cmdargs to optparse-applicative

  • Minor typo in output messages fixed

  • Update to support Cabal-1.18/Cabal-1.20, GHC 7.8.1+, and haskell-src-exts-1.15

  • Add support for haskell-src-exts-1.14.0

  • Initial release
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