Finding palindromes in strings

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BSD3 licensed by Johan Jeuring
Maintained by


[Palindromes] is a package for finding palindromes in files.



The primary features of [Palindromes] include:

* Linear-time algorithm for finding exact palindromes
* Linear-time algorithm for finding text palindromes,
ignoring spaces, case of characters, and punctuation
* Linear-time algorithm for finding word palindromes,
text palindromes surrounded by (if at all) non-letters.
* Linear-time algorithm for finding palindromes in DNA.
* Quadratic-time algorithm for finding approximate
palindromes, in which a limited number of symbols
may be substituted by other symbols
* Quadratic-time algorithm for finding palindromes with
gaps in the center.


[Palindromes] has the following requirements:

* [GHC] version 6.8.1 or later - It has been tested with version 7.4.1.
* [Cabal] library version 1.2.1 or later - It has been tested with version


Download & Installation

*If you have [cabal-install]*, you should use that to install the package,
because it will handle everything for you.

cabal install palindromes

*If you don't have cabal-install*, you must download the [Palindromes package]
from HackageDB and install it manually. Get the `tar.gz` file and decompress it.

Once downloaded, use the following commands for configuring, building, and
installing the library.

runghc Setup.lhs configure
runghc Setup.lhs build
runghc Setup.lhs install

For more details on the general options available, refer to the [Cabal User's

[Palindromes package]:
[Cabal User's Guide]:


The API is documented using [Haddock] and available on the [Palindromes package]

[Palindromes package]:


You can find example palindromes, on which Palindromes has been tested, in the
[`examples` directory] of the source distribution.

[`examples` directory]:

Bugs & Support

To report bugs, use the Google Code [project page for Palindromes].

For general concerns and questions, [email the author].

[project page for Palindromes]:
[email the author]: johan at


Palindromes is licensed under the so-called [BSD3 license]. See the included
`LICENSE` file.

[BSD3 license]:


Palindromes is based on the functional program developed by [Johan Jeuring] in
his PhD thesis.

The current authors and maintainer of palindromes is [Johan Jeuring].

[Johan Jeuring]:

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