A Pandoc filter for including code from source files

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MPL-2.0 licensed and maintained by Oskar Wickström

A Pandoc filter for including code from source files. It lets you keep your examples and documentation compiled and in sync, include small snippets from larger source files, and use Markdown or LaTeX together with preformatted HTML-like sources, in Pandoc.



  • - Replace bad Setup.hs script with default one
  • - Fix compile error
  • - Move Range to its own module (hiding the constructor) - Setup automated release builds using Travis. Executables for Linux and macOS now get published at
  • - Loosen constraint on pandoc-types to include 1.19.
  • - Stricter checking of snippet name, fixes issue #3.
  • - Loosen version constraints on dependencies. Most importantly, allow all 4.x versions of base.
  • - Report errors - Add support for dedenting - Remove undocumented "formatted" feature - Separate library and executable
  • Before - 2017-04-19: Bump version - 2017-04-18: Only render as RawBlock when preformatted - 2017-02-21: Use new Pandoc 1.19
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