A passphrase generator.

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GPL-3 licensed by Marcelo Garlet Millani

A passphrase is a password made with words instead of just letters and digits. The advantage over passwords is that they are easier to remember. The disadvantage is that they are quite long and people tend to overestimate their security.

Most tools for password generation that we know just generate a random sequence of characters and cannot properly estimate the strength of a passphrase.

paphragen is capable not only of generating passphrases from a given word list, it can also build such word lists given sufficient text input (e.g. books, news articles...). It also properly computes the strength of the generated password. A stream of random bytes can be used in order to achieve cryptographic-quality randomness.


Revision history for paphragen -- 2016-12-30 -- 2016-12-30

  • First version.
    • A dictionary can be built based on text files.
    • Passphrases with desired entropy are generated.
    • Uses a stream of random bytes for generation.
  • TODO
    • Check performance of IO operations.
    • Generate a non-ambiguous dictionary, that is, guarantee that there is only one way of generating each passphrase. For example, if in, put and input are in the dictionary, the passphrase input is ambiguous. In this case, either in or put should be removed.
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