A library for cause-effect relationships.

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BSD3 licensed and maintained by Benjamin Weber

Pareto: Is a pareto distribution present?


  • The main function pareto will return True if a pareto distribution is present.
  • causesMaxConcentration returns the causes with the maximum concentration (rank * value).
  • effectsMaxConcentration returns the effects with the maximum concentration.
  • If you want the effects for a specific share of causes, use effects.
  • You get the causes for a specific share of effects via causes.


  • pareto employs an entropy model. If entropy for a list of numbers falls below a controlLimit, pareto distribution is present.
  • causesMaxConcentration and effectsMaxConcentration will return the respective share of the causes and effects where concentration (rank * value) is highest.


Examples can be found in the package's documentation.


Revision history for pareto -- 2016-10-17

  • First version. Main functions: pareto, causes, effetcts, causesMaxConcentration, effectsMaxConcentration. -- 2016-10-19

  • Second version. Fixes critical bug: entropy calculation has been wrong.
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